Monero GUI sended coins invisible

Dear User,

i have a Ledger Nano X which i used already with different Laptops and different created accounts.

I know that i have 10 different accounts which i can choose and select over my Ledger Nano X connected with monero-gui.

After a while i did not used my ledger nano x i created a new account @ a laptop i already used different accounts with this ledger nano x.

@25.7 i created a new account and get a mnemonic seed therefore with restore height…etc.

The primary account which is shown when i am connected mgui with my ledger nano x was shown for receiving coins.

I used this to send xmr to my account but i couldnt see it or it is not booked or somewhere else i dont know.

But to say is…, mgui shows connected…waiting daemon for sync which is not filled with red line.

The last line shows daemon is syncronized with and full red line with a number 24963494

Which is as well dubious is that the primary adress which is shown @ mgui not matched with any ten account adresses i see @ and can choose @ my ledger nano x.

When i do not remember wrong usually the adress @ my ledger nano x was matched @ one of the ten adresses i have, so i can choose exactly this account which is needed.

I researched @ getmonero and readed i have to download monero cli and so catch the possibilty to release my stuck coins which feels bizarre.

How ever, you guess, what i want :=)

I am looking for a solution and tipps how i can get my coins back and as well how to avoid this in future…

Thanks a lot for every comment and tip i am very thankful

Best Regards


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