Output transactions shown as input

I use Monerujo on Android. I restored my wallet as only-view, with private view key and address. But my output transaction is shown as input, I see incorrect balance.

View only wallets can show only ‘incoming’ transactions. So, the overall balance will always be incorrect, because the wallet can add only all incoming transactions together, building the balance. All outgoing transactions will create ‘key-images’ which are stored in the wallet. Using those, the correct balance can be computed. But, your new created view only wallet does not have those key-images.
There is the option to export the key-images from the full wallet and import those back into the view only wallet. The drawback is, every time you make an outgoing transaction from your full operational wallet, you have to export that key-image and import it into your view-only wallet, otherwise the balance will be off.

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